Hongyue Horticultural Corporation established in 2000 aims ti lead a environmental friendly and better life.  Our business includes inporting, researching, producing and sales. with 20-year-effort, Hongyue has become the leading and world-reknowned garden center with both online and offline.

every ten years, Honyue would change its objestives to accelerate the pace of garden life. During the first decades, Hongyue is importing and promoting the seeds and seedlings. During the second decades, Hongyue starts the career of plants retailing for the consumer. And now, standing at the beginning of the third decades, Hongyue is constructing the trade service platform for the planters, suppliers and distrubutors, wholesalers and consumers.


Meet the Brand New Decade of Hongyue

From 2000 to 2009, we devoted to promoting seeds and seedlings that came from all over the world.

In 2000, Hongyue was founded in Hangzhou and became a horticultural company that specializes in importing professional seeds and seedlings . At this stage, We provided growers with seeds, seedlings, materials, technology and other related services. In this decade, we have also moved from Hangzhou City, where we were founded, to the current location of Chang'an, Haining.

From 2010 to 2019,on the basis of promoting seeds and seedings, we added the business of plants retailing and consumer service. Through operating the chain retailing store of one-stop garden center to integrate the online and offline system,during this decade, we created and shared the various garden life. Meanwhile, The construction of the headquarters park for diversified display of horticulture has basically taken shape.

In 2020,Our new decade-mission is adjusted to: make gardens everywhere. We will continue to promote seedlings and retaill plants, meanwhile,contribute the matchmarketing platform. We will utilize our advantage of high-level supply chain of seed and seedlings,plants, garden tools and garden materials, as well as business corporation, to build the global platform of openness, inclusiveness and ecologicalization. On the basis of online and offline retailing system, a termination system of self-management and retailing service to improve the consumer experience is completed. This new retailing system, is featuring with new variety protecton, brand breeding and cooperation, and combining with the new concept of everyone treading everything to magnify social e-commerce. Not only achieves the fission increment, but also integrates horticulture, flower arrangement, plants, garden and purchase service with related seller and buyer to make the new decade truly a decade of rapid development for Hongyue.

Make Garden Everywhere